Real Estate

Real Estate software that really works

We support Real Estate Development companies from the ‘ground up’, helping them track the whole process, from listing, to enquiry, to sales and future maintenance needs.

Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate

Plan, Do, Review

Plan tasks and direct actions for your team and across your portfolio. Stay abreast of all of the important information about each and every property including any changes as they happen. In order to take control, you need to be proactive in your processes and that's what SONARO helps you do.

Plan, Do, Review Plan, Do, Review

Manage Your Properties Properly

Approve your documents digitally, dynamically and diligently, as SONARO allows you to review contracts, put forward offers and even accept advance payment . Whatever you need to do in the world of real estate, do it digitally with SONARO. Secure processes like these ensure secure property management.

Manage Your Properties Properly Manage Your Properties Properly

Sign Off Documents

Sign documents digitally and safely to ensure everything is done properly. Obtain unique online signatures for all involved parties and stakeholders, whilst eliminating any unnecessary delays with your properties. Sign documents digitally and do business safely with SONARO's real estate features.

Sign Off Documents Sign Off Documents

Sell to the Best of Your Abilities

Manage sales proactively to achieve the best results for your business and total satisfaction for your clients. You need to be ready right when you need to be, with full sales management capabilities. You'll be able to make sales well and to sell exactly when you need to.

Sell to the Best of Your Abilities Sell to the Best of Your Abilities

Respond in Real Time

Listen and respond to everyone, without spending all of your time on the phone or reading emails. SONARO's real estate features allow users to deal with queries and instruct maintenance assignments quickly and effectively with some level of automation. Be accountable and be available.

Respond in Real Time Respond in Real Time

Track and Request Maintenance

Stay organised and up to date with your maintenance requirements as and when you need to, so that warranties are maintained and clients are kept happy and safe, not necessarily in that order. If something goes wrong, you need it to be addressed immediately, or even before it goes wrong.

Track and Request Maintenance Track and Request Maintenance