Fix quality issues before they affect your revenue

It’s about so much more than just keeping things ticking along. EVA empowers you to audit sites, objects and personnel in the most efficient way.

Answer Types

The data that you want and need to collect can be very different, which is why you need various answer types, such as yes/no, sliders, percentages, multi answers, range, etc. The correct answer type will ensure the correct answer. SONARO’s Answer Types will ensure you get it right.

Answer Types Answer Types

Mobile App

A mobile version of the platform is crucially important when you are collecting data. A user-friendly interface and intuitive processes ensure that any of your employees can audit without the need for a long training process or complicated instructions and familiarization.

Mobile App Mobile App


Dashboards will help you understand what’s going on much more clearly. Here you can follow auditors’ activities and track your team performance. It’s never been easier to see everything you need to see, all at once, in one place. Seamless and stylish dashboards with SONARO.


To ensure your objects’ high KPI you need to collect a vast amount of data. Reports will help you track the deviation and fluctuation of your object, and will alert you if and when something goes wrong. Exploring the reports you need to keep an eye on has never been so easy.

Intuitive Form Creator

To calculate correct KPI’s you need the right data. It’s that simple. Our intuitive form creator gives you unlimited possibilities when it comes to collecting vital data from auditors. Here, you can ask specific questions and give optional answers for each question. A great little tool.

Impact Coefficient

Accurate calculation of your object KPI is one of the main processes for the purpose of tracking quality. We offer you the most powerful engine for configuring question impact coefficients or the organization of question groups separately.

Pictures & Voice Notes

One possible answer isn’t always enough. You may need more detailed information from time to time, or even proof of an existing situation. Now, with SONARO’s note attachment, you can attach different media files to your answers. This removes any uncertainties and provides all the proof and reassurance you need.