your relationships effectively

Bring your customer and contact information together. Addresses, appointments, tasks and communication history - whatever it is you need, stay on your A game. 

Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management

Build and Maintain Relationships

Strengthen your relationships and keep in constant contact with your clients with our intelligently designed and carefully crafted CRM. SONARO's CRM allows you to organise your contact list, track communication history and add custom notes . It's all about staying in touch.

Build and Maintain Relationships Build and Maintain Relationships

Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

Optimise your time and make sure that everyone keeps up to date with everything in the diary. Plan ahead to help you stay ahead of the competition. Our calendar features allow businesses to delegate tasks accordingly and direct actions across different departments dynamically.

Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

Control Customer Documents Correctly

Control all of your contracts, in one place, with just the click of a button. With SONARO's features, you can make proposals, accept transfers and even sign off documents with unique, secure and safe digital signatures. This helps businesses to deliver perfect projects, every single time.

Control Customer Documents Correctly Control Customer Documents Correctly


Keep a watchful eye over your projects, from the initial spark of an idea right through to handover and the reviewing stage. WIth SONARO’s intuitive software, crafted to your bespoke specifications, you can follow the timelines, budgets and processes of multiple projects all at once.

Projects Projects

Integrated Call Centre

If you need to talk to a member of the team for advice or assistance, our integrated call centre is on hand to deal with your questions and queries. SImply give us a call directly from our software via IP phone provider, and we’ll endeavour to provide solutions and solve any problems you may have.

Integrated Call Centre Integrated Call Centre