PIM & eShop

Look after your products and sell online

Manage your stock, deal with orders and control your supply chain with our superb PIM services. Develop innovative marketing strategies that work for you.

PIM & eShop PIM & eShop PIM & eShop

Integrate Intelligently

Make life easy with full supplier integration from SONARO, allowing your online shop to be fully integrated with your suppliers. Full integration means you regain order and remain in total control from customer interest to closing the sale. This is the way to do it properly.

Integrate Intelligently Integrate Intelligently

Stay in Control of Your Product Information

Assume full control at just the click of a button. These features allow you to monitor your stock, place orders as and when you need to, and coordinate distribution with complete product information. Stay on top of your game and keep yourself and your business well ahead of the competition.

Stay in Control of Your Product Information Stay in Control of Your Product Information

Control Your Invoices and Orders

Manage your invoices properly every time with SONARO's consistent and quality features. Stay in control of your invoices and orders, no matter how many e-shops you’re dealing with at any one time. When things get busy, it's easy to lose track of where the orders are up to. Not any more.

Control Your Invoices and Orders Control Your Invoices and Orders

Listen to Your Clients

Receive and respond to incoming feedback instantly. Find out absolutely everything you need to know from your customers and then deal with their issues appropriately and proactively. Quick questions need speedy solutions and SONARO helps you deal with the questions and deliver the solutions.

Listen to Your Clients Listen to Your Clients

The Proof is in the Planning

Plan for success on all of your existing and upcoming campaigns. You simply have to use our planning tools and campaign templates, to find everything you need when planning for your next campaign. Preparation is key with every campaign you do. Planning is vital to its success.

The Proof is in the Planning The Proof is in the Planning

Competitors Prices

Stay one step ahead of the competition, with our ‘Competitor’s Prices’ tool, which collects and compares pricing from all of your major competitors. Find out where you’re positioning yourself within the market, and then make adjustments as you see fit, based on up to date and accurate data.

Competitors Prices Competitors Prices