Tools crafted for education

We create bespoke software to suit your school management needs. Manage sensitive data efficiently with our tailor-made, eco friendly and time saving tools. 

Education Education Education

Track Behaviour and Plan Strategically

Be proactive with your planning by keeping detailed logs and using innovative strategies. Monitor student behaviour and track pupil progress against certain behaviour targets with SONARO’s education specific tools . It's all about making the important decisions that help you take action.

Track Behaviour and Plan Strategically Track Behaviour and Plan Strategically

Keep Accurate Records and Keep Everyone Safe

Monitor all of your registers and records properly and safely. With SONARO's Education tools, you can organise and store all the necessary protocols and registration data effectively and efficiently. We provide bespoke, user friendly software that keeps your data secure and your students' details safe.

Keep Accurate Records and Keep Everyone Safe Keep Accurate Records and Keep Everyone Safe

Protect Data of All Kinds

In education, goals and targets are just as important as the eventual qualifications. This means you need to look after and monitor lots of different types of data, ranging from medical records to qualifications. With SONARO, you are able to protect data professionally and protect people properly.

Protect Data of All Kinds Protect Data of All Kinds

Know Exactly Where
You’re Up To

Organise your personnel vacation, book the facilities you need, as you assign and monitor your fleet. All of this can be done digitally. SONARO's tools and features make the day to day running of your setting as smooth as it possibly can be. Efficiency day by day. Effectiveness term by term.

Know Exactly Where <br>You’re Up To Know Exactly Where <br>You’re Up To

Protect Your Assets

Look after your assets and keep a careful eye on your inventory and your fixed assets, no matter where you are in the world or what you’re doing. Just as with any business, in education we need to protect our assets appropriately and monitor the inventory to keep ahead of any potential problems.

Protect Your Assets Protect Your Assets

Manage Documents the
Right Way

Do documents diligently with SONARO's education specific features. These allow you to plan, edit and approve all your documents safely and securely, better than ever before. Whether you're dealing with risk assessments, costings, appraisals or reviews, SONARO offers education settings the very best.

Manage Documents the <br>Right Way Manage Documents the <br>Right Way

WordPress Website Integration

Effortlessly showcase personnel information and various documents from different modules on your WordPress website using our effective plugin, ensuring simplified and comprehensive access for all.